Starter kit semipermanent

In our starter kits you can find everything you need to try and test our quality and all at a fantastic price!

Gel Polish Starter Kit Easy Removal: is a special kit to try our semi-permanent products formulated to create beautiful manicures without using the file both during application and removal. For all your customers who like to change color every 15 days.
Add a Tape Bond and a Mega Base to your cart if you want to have a double option, use Tape Bond first and let it air dry for a minute, apply Mega Base instead of the Base Hybrid Gel Polish, proceed with the Gel Polish color steps and the Top Gel Polish present in the kit and you will get a long-lasting manicure for over three weeks.

Pure Starter Kit: Last generation semi-permanent, self-leveling and completely odorless, excellent coverage from the first pass, no nail filing is required during both application and removal, no nail damage, catalyzes only in 48 Watt Led lamp and guarantees a three-week hold. Welcome to the future!

If you want to ensure an extra seal from scratches and chips, add a Tape Bond and a Mega Base to be used instead of the Pure Base. In this case, after applying the manicure, apply tape bond, let it dry in the air for a minute. Apply Mega Base catalyzes in a LED lamp for 60 seconds and then you can proceed with the steps of color and Top Pure.