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A filler-based skin-plumping pamper for lip contour and nose to lip wrinkles. In addition to 9 hyaluronic acids, it contains precious ingredients that stimulate the creation of collagen. With consistent use, the lip contour appears remodelled and relaxed, wrinkles are corrected, and nose to lip wrinkles are less deep. Apply around lips and along nose to lip wrinkles. 24h serum. Great make-up base.

Volume: 15 ml

In stock

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Anti-wrinkle, skin-plumping, youthful effect

IT CONTAINS: Synergy of 9 Hyaluronic Acids, multi-hydrating, anti-aging. Algae extract and polysaccharides, tensor effect.

WITHOUT: Parabens, Mineral Oils, Dyes, Alcohol.

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