Preparatory and removal liquids

Salon Nail Prep: is a special liquid to degrease the nails before starting the semi-permanent service, increases the adhesion of the service and has antibacterial properties.

Salon Finish Manicure: liquid to remove the dispersive layer for all the services that need it, it guarantees a splendid brightness, pleasantly perfumed with the essence of bergamot and verbena.

Salon Remover: liquid for removing the Hybrid Gel Polish system thanks to its special formula protects the nail from dehydration with the fresh smell of bergamot and Verbania.

Acetone: to remove classic or polymerized decorations, to remove gel or acrylic residues,
pleasantly scented.

Pure Duo Prep: dual-use liquid formulated both to degrease the nail and to remove the dispersive layer; its special formulation removes impurities and moisture present in the nail, degreases and neutralizes the Ph while increasing the adhesion of the Pure service, used at the end of the service it removes the dispersive layer.

Pure Alcohol Remover: Innovative method! Bye Bye Acetone! This special alcohol-based liquid protects from excessive dehydration and is recommended for all customers allergic to acetone. Removes the Pure service in 15 minutes. File the Top before applying.

Pure Aceto Remover: Acetone based liquid enriched with castor oil to protect the nail from
excessive dehydration; removes the manicure in just 8 minutes.