GRADIENT NAILS: the perfect manicure for winter too

Already protagonist of this spring summer 2019, even for this autumn winter remains super cool: the gradient manicure! What changes? The shades change!!!

Whimsical manicure, but at the same time very simple to make, it is perfect both for those who love elegant nail art and for those who prefer a more pop effect.[/fusion_imageframe]How to create a perfect gradient manicure?

The goal is to create a ton sur ton shade, which starts from an intense tone on the thumb and ends with more delicate nuances on the little finger, creating a harmonious color scale. You will need to have five different-colored enamels or a dark enamel to which you will add more and more drops of white enamel after nail to obtain more subtle nuances.

If, on the other hand, you want to focus on a more sparkling effect, you can apply the shade without a specific order to create a more fanciful manicure. The short nail is the key to the success of this manicure, the more minimal the shape, the more you can play with colors!

And now let’s move on to the technique!

After applying the base, start with the darker color, then go on to change gel polish from time to time, up to the lighter shade on the little finger.

If you want to ensure an extra hold, apply Tape Bond before the base.


Do you want to start with softer shades? Tip everything on pink, it will make your hands elegant for any occasion. The manicure is over … but first remember to seal your semi-permanent with the top!